• Image of Edwige Fouvry: Drawings and Paintings

Working in both oil on canvas and oil pastel and pencil on paper, Fouvry uses sketchy lines and gestures, small facets of bold pigment, and modulated fields of color to summarily render human figures and landscapes. Her subject matter is inspired by a number of different sources, both concrete and ephemeral. Though she references photographs and film stills, she does not focus on absorbing the particulars but rather quickly gathers information on the story each tell before letting her imagination take over.

Fouvry's final works are a testament not only to how memories change over time and are interpolated through experience, but they also document humankind’s extraordinary (though not necessarily failsafe) ability to retain and, years later, recall information and experiences.

This catalogue presents a selection of works created between 2010 and 2011.

28 pages. 27 color plates. Softcover. 2011.

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