• Image of Stay Inspired: Shelter in Place 2020

A reprinted edition of Stay Inspired: Shelter in Place 2020 is now available for purchase for a special price of $60 (RRP $75).

This 11.5 x 11.5 inch hardcover, 4-color book published on the occasion of the exhibition of the same name, where 44 Artists and 57 Poets were paired for an email campaign by Dolby Chadwick Gallery as a response to the 2020 global pandemic. 182 pages. 75 full-color plates. Essay by Jürgen Möllers. 

This book is the outcome of a larger project that initially began as a single email, sent in mid-March 2020, when we were just starting to understand the scale of the pandemic’s impact on our lives and communities. In that email, we paired together a painting and a poem in an effort to free up our thinking and stay creative and fluid. This initial gesture of affirmation grew to include eighty-eight editions, sent out over the course of seven months.

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