• Image of Lightning Strikes: 18 Poets. 18 Artists.

This 11 x 11 inch hardcover, 4-color catalogue fully illustrates the LIGHTNING STRIKES exhibition, where 18 Artists respond to works by 18 Poets. Includes all poems and artwork.

Artist and Poet pairings:

Bill Berkson and Katina Huston
Richard Blanco and Vanessa Marsh
Billy Collins and Edwige Fouvry
Peter Coyote and Ann Gale
Lawrence Ferlinghetti and Terry St. John
Matt Gonzalez and Sherie' Franssen
Robert Hass and Alex Kanevsky
Brenda Hillman and Jaq Chartier
Jack Hirschman and Ann Weber
Alice Jones and Jenifer Kent
Devorah Major and Louise LeBourgeois
Charlie Pendergast and Kai Samuels-Davis
Renny Pritikin and Travis Collinson
Ed Smallfield and Danae Mattes
Tamsin Smith and John DiPaolo
Gary Snyder and Mayme Kratz
Truong Tran and Matt Gonzalez
David Whyte and Michael Kenna

100% of proceeds generated from the book sales will be donated to St. Mary's college scholarship program for the MFA in Literary Arts.

60 pages, full color.

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