• Image of Alex Kanevsky, 2023

Over the past two decades, Kanevsky has brought us numerous windows into the human figure. Whether lying on a bed, turning away, sharing a meal, or riding a horse, his models seem one with their surroundings. Ironically, it is through Kanevsky’s mode of blurring, blending, and refracting that they seem to be made whole. Interior and exterior are made mutable. Subject and environment exist in a shared space. Color and marks flow like air, light, and water to bind the animate with the inanimate.

This monograph chronicles the past 23 years of Kanevsky’s work, printed in conjunction with the artist's eleventh solo exhibition at Dolby Chadwick Gallery, September 7—30, 2023

Forward by Tamsin Smith and conversation with Kenneth Baker.

200+ page Hardcover.

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